Curriculum vitae

  • Italian, born in Rome/Italy
  • Study of Architecture (University “La Sapienza”, Rome)
  • State approbation as Architect
  • Further studies at the UNESCO –ICCROM International Center for Conservation and Restauration of Monuments, Rome
  • Professional work in Rome (Studio ARCH): Architectural/artistic designs: e.g. for Royal Family of Saudi-Arabia
  • 1983: Sojourn in the United States (California)
  • Lives since October 1983 in Heidelberg, Germany
  • Professional work as architect (Studio Schroeder – Stichs): Designs for restauration of monuments of Heidelberg University; interior designs for Penta-Hotel Heidelberg (Mariott); private clients; artistic design of the Exhibition ‘Bibliotheca Palatina’ (1986), in honor of the 600th anniversary of Heidelberg University
  • Since 1988 work as free architect and artist
  • Artististic designs for the exhibition ‘Codex Manesse’, University Library Heidelberg (1988)
  • Since 1991 Numerous exhibitions of her own paintings, e.g.: University Library Heidelberg; Deutsche Hochschule für Verwaltungswissenschaften Speyer; Deutsche Bank Chemnitz; Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation Mainz;
  • Permanent Exhibitions and Loans: University Library Heidelberg; Castle Coblence; Cathedral of Speyer; Engelhorn - Reiss Museums(Mannheim); Jackson Laboratory (Bar Harbor, Maine)
  • Since 1992 President of Goethe Society Heidelberg; design and organization of cultural meetings, e.g. on Goethe’s theory of colors; on social and philosophical aspects of stem cell research and gene therapy; state and religion; perspectives of the life sciences.

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